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Envisioned by Mr. Kumar Subramaniam in the year 2010, Kaaspro is a futuristic organization that believes web apps are destined to make the world more communicative and easier to access. The company plans new forays into the field of IT and ITes with the revolutionary cloud-based technology, venturing into the untested waters of the health and education industries. Having opened itself as a modest company in Chennai’s OMR district, the organization has grown over the past 5 years to a more productive and aggressive team of individuals who are committed to quality, research and development of the web application framework involving Electronic Health Record Software systems and School Management Software systems. The Electronic Health Record and School Management systems usage and maintenance, is a relatively new concept to the Global Market and a unique method of cutting costs in an industry that thirsts for simplification. Electronic Health Records and School Management System softwares presented by Kaaspro are not to be regarded just as software but a culture that can be instilled in each and every clinic and school that aims at augmenting its services.


Kumar Subramaniam, Founder & CEO

Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Kaaspro Enterprises, played a major role in guiding Kaaspro Enterprises to reach great heights. He has not only been instrumental in the massive success of the company but also in leading it from the front with reputation and goodwill. Also Mr. Kumar Subramaniam is the co-founder of Kumaran System and has been heading the Internet Products and Services, shouldering responsibilities since the inception of the company. Having amassed an industry experience of nearly three decades, he has ensured that the organization achieved outstanding business performance.

To make Kaaspro Enterprises the global leader in Electronic Health Records Software Service is his vision and this is being worked on effectively. He has gained expertise about the nuances of Information Technology and an understanding of the EHR platform from his rich domain experience. It is his high leadership capability that has enabled our team to accomplish great success. It is because of the insights he has passed on regarding management that the company has been facilitated to align all its processes and projects in line with its business strategy. Achieving a perfect synergy between management and technology is Mr. Kumar Subramaniam’s endeavor. He strives for this and Kaaspro Enterprises is the manifestation of the endeavor.

Mrs. Sridevi Kumaramangalam, Director HR

The joint director of Kaaspro Enterprises, Mrs. Sridevi Kumaramangalam takes care of administration of the company’s day-to-day activities. She has been the driving force behind creation of the financial and HR policies and setting up standard operational processes. By working along with the team and management in sync, she helps bring everyone to love their work in the competition-filled environment. Mrs. Sridevi deserves credit for making Kaaspro Enterprises an efficient and huge team today. She has been instrumental in recognizing and acquiring fresh talent and fostering the existing team as well. Training the team effectively is one of her interests and she believes in passing on knowledge for paving the way for newer avenues.

Anish Kumaramangalam, Director and CTO

Anish Kumaramangalam is a Computer Engineer with broad entrepreneurial views. Having graduated in B.S. at San Francisco State University, he has recently joined the board of directors at Kaaspro Enterprises, and drives its global business strategy, including development of health care domain expertise and health information technology innovation.

Under his guidance, Kaaspro Enterprises targets to become one of the fast-growing health care technology solution providers serving global medical organizations and physicians. He is responsible for the research and documentation of new Web App for the use of open-source APIs and Frameworks.

While in San Francisco State University, Anish has actively taken part in innovative projects such as automated aquarium, restaurant reservation website, LED Cube, and Text Scrambler. He has thrived on working across geographies and time zones. The Kaaspro team pledges to strive for making his vision of crowning Kaaspro as the leaders in Health Information Technology Solutions Providers in the world true.

P Venkata Paneedhar Kumar, Vice President

Vice President Mr. P Venkata Paneedhar Kumar has been an active member of Kaaspro since 2012. He aims at inculcating corporate and professional work ethics into Kaaspro by bestowing brand value. Prior to his being upgraded as Vice President of Kaaspro, he was a functional team leader at Kaaspro Enterprises. He displays in-depth knowledge of the company’s brand positioning and presents ideas by improving marketing and sales within the organization. He also exhibits excellent resource management skills which plays a pivotal role in boosting the company to its next levels.

G Saravana Kumar, Sales Manager

Sales Manager Mr. G Saravana Kumar has been an industrious member of Kaaspro since 2010, Mr. Saravana Kumar takes care of marketing strategies and extracting profitability in products and services. His expertise in customer relationships has greatly increased the organization's trustworthiness and loyalty of clients. His unique abilities are reflected in strategic planning and market analysis which help him to make clients understand the product, deliver it to the right people, in the right place and at the right time.

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